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We are livestock producers, feeders, showmen, parents, leaders, advisors, and experts, who are trying to create the ideal show animal specimen, making them better through nutrition every day.

Rule Supplements provides additives to help you achieve your show ring goals.

Why? Because Results Matter.

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“We absolutely love what Rule Supplements has done for us. Shredded R was very intstrumental on maintaining a crisp shape on our yearling ewe. We also are firm believers in The Formula for every single sheep to keep them healthy and eating. For the first time in years…every lamb is slicking up their feed every single day!!”

Christina Johnson

Johnson Family Show Stock


As animal nutritionists, we make sure that every product we put out is backed by science. Not foo foo powder. We understand that when new products come out, everyone’s reaction is questioning if it will actually work…

Well our results have been phenomenal! From Baby Boom to The Formula, the results are out of this world. Animals are healthy, winning, and reproducing to make more healthy champions. Good eggs, strong sperm, and healthy guts is what makes the industry go round. Use Rule Supplements.


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Results Matter

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Introducing…Struttin’. Our newest all species joint product designed with Amaferm

Blog Posts

Feeding Hack #3

All too often supplements get sorted out by livestock. Some of the reasons for this are texture or taste, or simply that you added something new. Like people, different animals have different tastes. Don’t let your livestock become high maintenance by dictating what...

Feeding Hack #2

Hay / Forage Hack I can’t tell you how often I hear about bloat in show lambs. Goats and steers it’s a little less often, but regardless… the problem is chronic. The issue at hand is that people forget to make sure the ruminants have enough fiber or forage in their...

Lambing Hack #1

Lambing / Kidding can be a dirty, chaotic mess when your group of AI bred ewes all lambs at once. Hell, if you only have 1 female giving birth it can be a mess. One key to keeping everyone healthy is hygiene. By everyone, we mean the mother, her lambs / kids and...