Tips and Tricks


My animal is sorting through the supplements.

All too often supplements get sorted out by livestock. Some of the reasons for this are texture or taste, or simply that you added something new. Like people, different animals have different tastes.
Don’t let your livestock become high maintenance by dictating what tools you can and can’t use.

One really easy and free way to work around this is to wet your feed. Adding ¼-1/2 cup of water per pound of feed can be a game changer! This amount makes the feed wet and sticky, allowing you to "hide" many dietary tools in your show animals' diets.

Pro tip: If you are doing this to add powdered supplements, add the water first, then mix, then
add the supplement, then mix again. If you are using pelleted supplements add the supplement first,
add the water, then mix. The purpose for the difference is to ensure your desired product is evenly
distributed and does not differ in texture from the rest of the diet.

Not enough or too much hay?

We cannot tell you how often we hear about bloat in show lambs. Goats and steers it’s a little less often, but regardless… the problem is chronic. The issue at hand is that people forget to make sure the ruminants have enough fiber or forage in their diet. When the rumen is full, consistently, your animal will be healthier and gain weight easier. The why on this one is because you need to keep the billions of bugs in the rumen happy and some of them rely on forage solely as their feed. These rumen bugs work as a team…if one’s not happy, none are working their best.

A couple symptoms of problems with too little forage sit on both sides of the pendulum. If your show wether has runny manure then you certainly need more forage in their diet. On the other side of the spectrum, if your steer just picks at his feed, but devours hay, you may need to increase the hay to get the rumen working, and then increase the amount of grain he gets.

You will know best what type of animal you have and how to feed them daily. That said, making sure either one has enough forage in their diet to keep the rumen working is key.

THICC was designed to add cover and bloom to ALL species, requires that you keep the rumen happy with ample forage in the diet.

Cattle Feeding Tip

When it's cold outside & cattle want to eat..... LET THEM!

With colder temperatures, cattle usually have an appetite; unlike in the beginning and dead of summer, where trying to get one to eat is like watching paint dry. Once the heat hits, appetites in cattle commonly go down, or stop all together.

With that being said, it's not a bad idea to maximize consumption now so you're not playing catch up later. When it comes to weight, it's much easier to go into summer a little ahead of the game, manage weight and coast into a show than it is to have to push one while it's hot and you're trying to grow hair.

Unless you have a really easy keeper, let your calves eat this winter!

Complete feeds:
🟢 Rival Beast - ideal steer feed, use from start to finish!
🟢 Rival Base - ideal feed for heifers, but can be used on steers in many scenarios!

🟣 Total Care Cattle - a simple, all-in-one health supplement to keep your calf working most efficiently from the inside, out. Designed to increase the quality of skin and hair, gut health and hoof and structural integrity.
🟣 Bark - if you’re having trouble putting condition on one through colder months.

Total Care vs Hair Pill

How much is your hair pill or product costing you? 🤔💲

Our crew loves Total Care for all the extras: Hair growth, skin and hoof health, increased appetite and even tendon and joint health.

At a feeding rate of 2oz per head/per day, the 25lb bucket will last a steer or heifer 200 days!

Feed Total Care year round without the negative effects on the hair cycle that you can see when using products containing melatonin.

💰The most cost effective way to address all the benefits it provides at just $0.85 per day.

Can you afford not to feed Total Care? We don't think so!

Bringing home a pig project?

Here's what you need to have in your feed room!

Rival Complete Feed - Rival Cruise 16-5 - The go-to for growing young pigs while maintaining shape and developing the appropriate amount of cover.

The Formula - Establish a healthy appetite and digestive system with The Formula. It increases appetite and digestive health all while increasing the availability of nutrients through optimal absorption.

Gorge - Support the digestive system, increase appetite, heal and prevent ulcers, improve feed conversion and increase immunity.

Bark - Increase Muscle shape, dimension and bulk.

Total Care Swine - A much needed overall health supplement that improves hair and skin.

Bringing home a new sheep or goat project?

Make sure to have these products in your feed room!

Rival Complete Feed - Formulated to meet the fundamental needs of all growth stages. Make it easy, start with a feed that you can finish with too!

The Formula - Establish a healthy appetite and digestive system with The Formula. It increases appetite and digestive health all while increasing the availability of nutrients through optimal absorption.

Thicc - Increase bloom and condition without sacrificing muscle through a perfect blend of carbohydrates and bypass fat.

Total Care Sheep & Goat - A much needed overall health supplement that improves hair, skin and touch.

For Sheep projects: DON'T FORGET THE LEG WRAPS! Washing and wrapping your lamb's legs every other day will help you achieve those beautiful fluffy legs! Check out the leg wraps page for more info on washing and wrapping! We recommend two set of wraps per lamb, so that you always have at least one clean set. For smaller lambs start with the REGULAR wraps. As your lamb and their leg wool continues to grow, we start using the MEGAS for maximum coverage. (PRO-TIP: Use Regulars on the front legs and Megas on the back.)


If you need to manage fill, keep one fresh and/or maintain cover and handling quality when feeding for a show, Race Day will get you there.

🏁 Great for use during the last 14 days before show.
🏆 Even better when used 30-60 days before show.

Other benefits of Race Day:
- Rapidly absorbable energy supply without the negative side effects, such as: going off of feed or upsetting the gut
- Balances energy metabolism
- Increases hydration and water intake
- Feeds the immune system

*Getting animals ready for a sale? Try drenching them with Race Day. You'll thank us later!

What is GORGE?

⭐️GORGE ⭐️ Developed with microorganisms that play a vital role in the digestion and absorption of nutrients. When the diversity of the microbiome is low, the efficiency of nutrient utilization is compromised, resulting in reduced growth and poor health. Gorge will help protect the animal against harmful pathogens. Adding GORGE to your livestock’s everyday diet will:

• Increase Appetite

• Heal and prevent ulcers.

• Improve Feed Conversion

• Increase Immunity-Which results in fewer shots given and decreased need for medications

Gorge is an organic, natural liquid that can also be diluted and used topically to :

• Increase hair growth.

• Heal cracked feet.

• Control and Heal Staph.

Available in two sizes 👉 Quarts and Gallons!

Can we talk about lambing/kidding?


You can decrease recovery time during lambing with RACE DAY! That's right, it's not just for show prep. This product has a use on the production side as well.

🏁 Drench a ewe with Race Day after a stressful labor and you'll notice an increase in energy shortly after.

🏁 You can also administer it to weak lambs to help give them an extra push! Give 20cc's of Race Day and milk to struggling baby lambs and watch them turn around!


Prospect Cattle

(700lbs) 1 Tube or 80cc

Market Cattle

(800lbs +) 2 tubes or 160cc

Swine, Sheep & Goats

(Under 100lbs) 10cc

(150lbs)   20cc

(200lbs +)  40cc