The Formula


Comes in 10 lb pails

Shipping included in price
**We do NOT ship to PO boxes**

Can be fed to ALL classes of livestock

Product Benefits

  • Maximize intake and digestive health.
  • Key nutrients to feed the healthy microbes in both Ruminants and Non-Ruminants.
  • Contains Zinpro Zinc and Manganese to maximize skin health, hair growth, and hoof integrity.
  • Most cost effective probiotic on the market, and like all of our products.. pricing includes freight.

Feed Rate –  2 ounces per head/day

Product Brochures

Zinc benefits

The Probiotic of Choice

We’ve all been there…getting animals prepped for shows and they push their food around, stop eating all together, or eat on again, off again, etc etc. It just drives you crazy. We knew something had to change. We created The Formula so feeding animals will not make you go bald.

“The Formula” can be fed to ALL classes of livestock. It is a combination of ingredients, designed to maximize the health and performance of the the digestive system.  Everyone of the ingredients has been thoroughly researched, and backed by years of science and actual results in production environments.  The Formula contains a proprietary blend of microbial products, including a blend of live yeast and yeast culture, and nutrients designed to enhance the innate microbial populations found in all livestock.  We have further fortified it with stable Butyric acid, which has been shown to enhance the growth of the digestive system, along with the highest quality source of Zinc on the market, providing the added defense from leaky gut during periods of stress.  Lastly, but definitely not least, we have used  feed ingredients  which are preferred sources of nutrients for microbes, enabling every last particle to enhance your feeding program.

Your animals will thank you, your wallet will thank you, and even your mental health may thank you.

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Formula Winners

Supreme Breeding Commercial Ewe- OYE

Formula Winners

Grand Champion Market Wether- OYE

Formula Winners

Reserve Grand Market Wether-OYE

Formula Winners

Sayde Allan Wether- OYE

Formula Winners


Formula Winners

Supreme Champion Wether Lamb- Western Bonanza Show A

Formula Winners

Grand Champion Wether Lamb- Western Bonanza Show B

Formula Winners

Supreme Champion Wether Dam Ewe- Western Bonanza

Formula Winners

Supreme Champion Market Lamb- Red Wave Classic

Formula Winners

Norther Exposure