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Feed Rate – .2 lbs per head/day

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Click below for our guidelines on feeding Baby Boom during flushing!

Our Basic Flush Program

Amplify Your Breeding Season BB

“Baby Boom has helped pave the way to a drastic increase in our conception rates over the last three years in our AI program. We were at 82% conception rate in 2020, a good 20% higher than we were three years ago in this same time period.”
Andrew Beam

Beam Ranch Club Lambs

Quality eggs start long before you begin to even think about cycling your ewes. Baby Boom is developed to be fed during lactation of the prior lambing cycle. Science has shown that 4 cycles of egg quality can be affected by what happens prior to lambing. This leaves your next lambing cycle at risk before your even start the current one.

The feed base for Baby Boom is a combination of refined Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, both rumen protected and rumen available, along a balanced amino acid protein. Further fortified with Vitamin A, D, and E, Beta Carotene, Octoncenal, Selenium and Organic Zinc, we improve the reproductive systems and maximize the immune status of your females. Lastly, and not least we have included a combination yeast culture and MOS (mono oligosaccharides) to protect against any rumen upsets or mold that can be found in feed.

Feeding Baby Boom to maximize egg quality and reproductive success is easy. Simply add 0.20 lbs per head per day as a top dress to your existing diet for a minimum of 30 days prior to flush or AI. As a loose product, it mixes well with grain if you are hand feeding or adding to a mixer wagon for larger loads. To achieve the highest results, feeding Baby Boom for 3-5 months prior to breeding will ensure that all eggs that have yet to be ovulated will be prepared to their uppermost level.

Baby Boom is specifically designed to work with your current feed program, fortifying your diets to improve reproduction. If you have any specific questions about adding Baby Boom to your program please Contact Us.

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