1. Do you want your animal to stay on feed consistently?

2.  Feeding The Formula is your solution to keeping  Livestock  on feed and in maximum health.

3. Feeding Flex Appeal is your guide to maximizing show ring appeal

Does Feeding cause you unnecessary stress?

  • Animals won’t eat when adding new feed, supplements, etc?
  • trouble gaining weight?
  • want animals to recover faster?
  • want your animals to get sick less?
  • overpaying for way too many supplements that don’t do the job? 
  • Why wouldn’t you choose to save money while developing the digestive system, not just the bugs.

Results matter…We are here to help

As animal nutritionists, we make sure that every product we put out is backed by science. Not foo foo powder. We understand that when new products come out, everyone’s reaction is questioning if it will actually work…

Well our results have been phenomenal! We have had customers feed their cattle, hogs, sheep The Formula for less than a week and have noticed a HUGE difference. Their animals went from pushing food around with no interest to climbing the pen for more by noon.

Results and News

New partner Product

We have partnered up with Fraze Feeds selling their product, Flex Appeal. Which so happens to be the perfect feed partner to The Formula.

Caylee Weber

Congratulations to Caylee Weber on her Reserve Champion Landrace Gilt at NJSA. She has been feeding The Formula to her hogs for over a year!

Rule SUpplements Swag

Post a backdrop picture of your champion including a pail of The Formula and tag Rule Supplements. We will send you a free shirt!

Illingworth family

One of our first customers on to feed The Formula who have tremendous success across the board with their hogs.

Caylee weber

Congrats to Caylee Weber on Reserve AOB at Northern Exposure. Her hogs have been on The Formula for (xx) months! 


Halfmann Livestock and Rule Supplements will be holding its second annual CA AI Day, April 13 @ MJC Sheep Unit!


How it works

Our products are used as a top dress to your current feed program.

Macho Man is a high Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acid product, which is the building block for Testosterone

Baby Boom is fortified with Vitamin A, D, and E, Beta Carotene, Octoncenal, Selenium and Organic Zinc, to improve the reproductive systems and maximize the immune status of your females.

The Formula contains a proprietary blend of microbial products, including a blend of live yeast and yeast culture, and nutrients designed to enhance the innate microbial populations found in all livestock.