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“I’m ride or die Rule Supplements.”

THE thought provoking Barrett Carlisle

Diamond C Club Lambs

“We absolutely love what Rule Supplements has done for us. Shredded R was very instrumental on maintaining a crisp shape on our yearling ewe. We also are firm believers in The Formula for every single sheep to keep them healthy and eating. For the first time in years…every lamb is slicking up their feed every single day!!”

Christina Johnson

Johnson Family Show Stock

“Baby Boom has helped pave the way to a drastic increase in our conception rates over the last three years in our AI program. We were at 82% conception rate in 2020, a good 20% higher than we were three years ago in this same time period. Macho Man is another product we swear by. It has helped us keep our bucks fertile during those rough May, June, and July months. It is not common for our rams to gain weight during breeding season and we credit those results to Macho Man. It provides our rams with the necessary vitamins and minerals to accomplish such a feat”

Andrew Beam

Beam Ranch Club Lambs

“At Hobbs Show Lambs we believe in being progressive and innovative. This year we started using THICC and TruCare in our program to help us achieve the results we desire. For our embryo transfer program we have implemented the use of TruCare. Our average # of eggs transferred increase. We highly recommend TruCare for those utilizing ET programs in their operations. Additionally, all stud rams @ Hobbs Show Lambs are fed TruCare on a daily basis to help maximize fertility throughout the summer as we are shipping fresh semen and utilizing these rams in our breeding program.

Thicc has also been a key go-to supplement this year for feeding out our keeper buck lambs, sale sheep preparation, and something we recommend to all of our customers. Thicc has allowed us to maximize their potential while ensuring we can continue to push the feed.”

Megan Hobbs

Hobbs Show Lambs

“Here at No Limit Genetics we recommend all our customers to feed The Formula. It is a great product that keeps them on feed and the appetite increased. The Formula is especially crucial during jackpot season. We demand so much out of these animals going to jackpots every weekend that The Formula has been our saving grace in preventing scours and helps with stress from travel. It really keeps their stomachs in top notch shape. We have also found that Shredded P has been a great alternative to Paylean in order to increase muscle shape and mass for show time.”

Adam Mendonza

No Limit Genetics

“Struttin’ was one of the first supplements that we have truly seen a difference out of to increase flexibility, endurance, and comfort. I believe that there are several contributing factors that have to be addressed in order to positively influence an animal’s movement or athleticism outside of genetics and build. I felt like the approach of Struttin is to not only address joint health, but also the limitations brought on by oxidative stress and increased levels of lactic acid finally gave us a supplement we could rely on to counteract the demands we place on our livestock both nutritionally as well as environmentally that can affect their movement. We felt like this product made a major difference as we prepared to max out an animal on show day and still maintain overall skeletal and muscular flexibility and endurance.”

Blaine Rodgers

Rodgers Livestock

“Shredded R is a gamechanger to get that extra shape and firmness needed to get to the backdrop. We also utilize The Formula to keep lambs tearing into their feed day in and day out. These two products are must-haves in our feed room!”

Steva Reppe

Steva Robinson Show Stock