Results matter

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Reserve grand champion

brayden bowers: sioux falls livestock show

5th overall market lamb

stella amthauer: sioux falls livestock show

Reserve Grand champion

reagan rodgers: stockman’s showcase

Grand Champion Market Lamb

maddie woods: stockman’s showcase

grand champion commerical ewe

sayde allen: new year nationals

Reserve grand lamb prize ring

colt randall: new year nationals

bronze medallion market lamb

cache wrye: new year nationals

5th overall market lamb

reagan rodgers: new year nationals

4th overall prize ring

hadley hendrickson: new year nationals

Reserve grand champion lamb

maddie woods: new year nationals

Grand Champion market lamb

cache wrye: new year nationals

3rd overall ewe

hailey seever: double down

champion spot barrow

Corn nut clevanger: west coast nationals

4th overall division 3

Jake Lewis: west coast national

4th overall division 2

gianni cozzitorto: West coast nationals

9th overall gilt

katrice lang: west coast nationals

Reserve Grand Overall

mia torigiani: west coast nationals

Champion spot gilt

caylee weber: west coast nationals

Reserve champion chester barrow

jazmine clevanger: west coast national

Champion Poland Barrow

bella herrera: west coast national

3rd overall barrow

luke martin: west coast nationals

Champion Hampshire barrow

kiera koehn: west coast nationals

5th overall x-bred gilt

luke martin: West coast nationals

Grand Champion Market Lamb

Cade Thomas: Sandhills stockshow & rodeo

Grand champion market lamb

Jackson Family: Relentless Expo

4th overall wether dam ewe

Hailey Seever: New Year Nationals

Grand Champion wether dam ewe

ally sandy: new year nationals

4th overall market lamb

Brayden bowers: new year nationals

Grand champion market lamb

mason smith : NAILE

Reserve champion hampshire

sadie allen: NAILE

Champion lightweight crossbred

sadie allen: NAILE

Reserve lightweight crossbred

Dylan simpson: NAILE

reserve dorset

garrett greiner : NAILE

Reserve suffolk

brody scroggins: NAILE

Reserve whiteface cross

sadie allen: NAILE

Reserve Champion Dorper

kaitlyn bean: NAILE

Grand champion COMMERCIAL EWE


3RD Overall market lamb

hADLEY Hendrickson: NAILE

Reserve Grand Champion Commercial Ewe

Ally Sandy: NAILE

Class 2 Specks Winner

Stella Amthauer: NAILE



Champion Middleweight Xbred

Stella Amthauer: NAILE

champion dorper

Whitney Williams: NAILE

Class 10 Hamps Winner

Colby Williams: NAILE

Grand champion ring a

kaden mason: brazos valley fair

Grand Champion Ring B

Kaden mason: brazos valley fair

champion market lamb

alayna mccarthy: battle of the blue chips

Reserve Champion Market Lamb

Alayna mccarthy: all ia showdown

Grand champion market lamb

madison rule: American Royal

reserve division 5

madison rule: american royal

division 3 champion

brynlee hogg: american royal

4th overall division 2

Brayden Bowers: american royal 

division 2 champion

reagan rodgers: american royal

Division 4 champion

shane smith: american royal

division 1 champion

sayde allen: american royal

division 5 champion

Halle hindman: american royal

reserve lightweight commercial ewe

makenzie rule: IA state fair 4h show

supreme champion ewe

Wyatt nixon & roxanne: AKSARBEN

Reserve hampshire ewe

brayden bowers: aksarben

4th overall market lamb

Maddie Sheiss: aksarben 

supreme champion market lamb

maddie woods: northern exposure

RESERVE lightweight wether dam ring c

Hanna Seever: Northern Exposure

Reserve champion prospect

Hailey Seever: Northern Exposure

Reserve lightweight wether dam

Hailey Seever: Northern ExPOSURE 

reserve champion market lamb

Meagan Schorpp: aksarben

3rd overall ewe

brynn boggs: ks jr livestock show

4th overall ewe

Brynn Boggs: KS jr livestock show

Grand champion

Brynn boggs: KS jr livestock show

reserve supreme ewe

brynn boggs: ks state fair


brynn boggs: ks state fair

Reserve Shrop Market Lamb

Brynn Boggs: KS STATE FAIR

Reserve 4H market lamb

lydia ockander: ne state fair 

Reserve champion breeding ewe

lydia ockander: ne state fair

Reserve Champion middleweight

Colton june: ne state fair

Reserve Champion Market Lamb

colton june: NE State Fair

Champion Hamp and 3rd Overall


Grand champion breeding ewe

wyatt nixon: Indiana stock show

champion market lamb

brandon martin: Georgia Morgan market lamb show

Grand & Reserve Grand Wether

Kayde Herndon &  Mikinna Carnes: Merritt Local Show

4th Overall Market Lamb

jack thompson: south dakota state fair

4th overall breeding ewe

ariah neier: johnson co fall showdown

5th overall market lamb

brynne shuee: johnson co fall showdown

Grand champion breeding ewe

Brynee shuee: johnson co fall showdown

5th overall breeding ewe

Brynne Shuee: INdiana Stock show

Grand Champion market lamb

Grace steiner: Stark Co. fair

grand champion doe

raquel lopez: pennyrile district

Grand champion market goat

raquel lopez: pennyrile district

class winner

raquel lopez: ky state fair

Reserve Grand Champion

Raquel Lopez: KY state fair

Reserve champion lamb

Nebraska state fair

Division Champion lamb

Branden Hohensee: live like tommy classic

Reserve Division Champion

Branden Hohensee: live like tommy classic

Reserve commercial ewe


Champion Commercial Ewe

wes berget: WI Livestock expo

4th Overall Commercial Ewe

Payton Vanschyndle: WI Livestock Expo

Supreme Champion Wether Dam

Braylin brunkhorst: mo state fair

Reserve Champion 4-H Market Lamb

Braylin Brunkhorst: MO state fair

grand champion wether dam

chloe nelson: mn livestock expo

reserve grand market lamb

kade nelson: mn livestock expo

grand champion market lamb

Kaden nelson: Mn Livestock expo

grand champion market hog

Payton rodgers: MO state fair

Supreme champion market lamb

reagan rodgers: mo state fair

reserve supreme market goat

kendall pearson: yuba sutter co fair

grand champion market lamb

dylan brader: des moines co fair

Supreme champion ewe

wyatt nixon: in state fair

Champion southdown

laynie: in state fair

5th overall market lamb

Laynie: in state fair

3rd overall market lamb

cate cherney: wi livestock expo