Illingworth Family

Illingworth Family - The Formula

The Illingworth family were the first customers for our product, The Formula. When given the initial sample of our product, Tom had his doubts, calling it “foo foo powder.” To Tom’s surprise, his pigs went from free feeding to screaming for more food by noon within 5 days of being on The Formula. Appetites and weights increased across the board. The Illingworth boys went on to win Reserve Champion FFA Market Hog, Champion 4-H Market Hog, and Reserve Supreme Market Hog at Alameda County Fair. Like many other feeders of livestock, their pigs were on a concoction of supplements and feeds to get them dialed in just right. We know that The Formula did not do the job on its own, but we sure are glad that it was along for the ride to the final drive.


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August 6, 2018