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Can be fed to swine

Feed Rate – Pigs under 100lbs : 3 ounces per head/day. Pigs over 100lbs : 6 ounces per head/day

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Feeding For Shape

Feeding to Harden

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Shredded: More Muscle, More Shape… Naturally!! 

After traversing the Amazon (the actual forest, not the online store), crossing the Nile and searching Antarctica, we have found the golden ticket, and now its time to share the news.  Shredded is an all natural (no drugs) blend of ingredients that has been proven (via research ) to mobilize fat, increase lean mass and increase muscle volume.  The key to our search was to find the ingredients in a form that would bypass the rumen, stay intact and were proven by research.   That was no small order.   


SHREDDED comes in two forms.  SHREDDED R and SHREDDED P.   

SHREDDED P, is the version designed specifically for pigs.  It has the same ingredients as the Ruminant version, but in a non-bypass form.  Pigs, like humans, can respond to diet changes more directly… and we took advantage of that by playing to their strengths.   Given the opportunity, we have increased the density of the active ingredients in SHREDDED P over the ruminant version, increasing the impact.  Sorry ruminant showman…. SHREDDED P will not work for you!   

SHREDDED R is the rumen bypass version specifically designed for sheep, goats and cattle.  You see, the bugs in the rumen have their own way of changing things if you let them.  The key active ingredients in SHREDDED R have been manufactured to make them impenetrable to the rumen bugs, maximizing their response in mobilizing fat and providing the building blocks for increased muscle mass.