Lamb Tights


Summer is upon us, and so is show season. Tights are the perfect thing to put on your sheep after they’re sheared. We have tons of color and pattern options available to help you stand out. They’re breathable which makes them great for summer, and easy to layer under a blanket in the winter.


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1-3 $9.95
4-5 $19.90
6-7 $29.85
8-9 $39.80
10+ $49.75
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Blue Lightning, Pink Lighting, Kisses, Black Snake Skin, Black Leopard, Green Mermaid, Green Chevron, Pink Palm, Pink Diamond, Fireworks, Paint Splatter, Wild, Light Green Pattern, Shiny Money, Regular Money, Polka Dots, Tribal, Pink Flowers, Navy Coral Floral, Green Lightning, Stars, Green Lines, Purple Leaf, Blue & Green Flowers, Fruit, Shiny Flowers