What feedstores are you sold in?

Click here to view our feedstore map! As our business continues to grow we will be adding more. If you do not see one near your location, please note that we are able to ship NATIONWIDE!

Locations Map

Where can I buy?
The best way to buy is online. With our Amazon logistics model, it costs the same to ship product to a dealer as it does to the customer
Returns/Exchange Policy

We do not accept opened products back. Products must be unopened. We accept exhcanges at the shipping cost of the customer. Once proof is provided of shipped product, we will send you the new product you wish to receive.


When should I expect my Order?
Once the order is placed it takes 24-48 hours to process. After processing shipping takes 5 to 7 days.
How long does shipping take?
Depending on your location it can take anywhere from 3 to 7 days
Can I pick up orders from the warehouse?

Our main warehouse is located in Hawarden, IA. You are more than welcome to pickup on location after placing an order online and notifying us of your pickup choice.


How long will it take to see results?
There is no set answer for this. However, we have had customers see differences in as little as 7 days. We typically think differences are most noticeable after 14 days
How long will a pail last me?
It all depends on how many animals you are feeding the pail too. But for an exact answer, click here to take advantage of our Product Usage Calculator!
When do I start using THICC?

We recommend starting to feed THICC as soon as you purchase your animals to put on some bloom and cover. Our affiliates have started mixing THICC and The Formula into their creep feed. Please check out our feeding guides on the homepage!

When do I start using Shredded R/P?
Once you have enough fat on your animal, we recommend feeding Shredded R/P 30-60 days out from your animal’s end game show.
Can I feed the supplements simultaneously?

Absolutely! Each product has it’s own goal for your animal. Feeding them simultaneously is encouraged for optimal results. View our feeding programs on the home page!

Can I feed them with other supplement brands?
Yes. Rule Supplements will not harm your animal if supplemented with other products on the market.
Can feeding too much hurt my animals?
Nope. We know animals get out and get into the feed. Your sheep, dog, toddler can eat a whole pail and be okay. Slight tummy ache, but that is expected.