All too often supplements get sorted out by livestock. Some of the reasons for this are texture
or taste, or simply that you added something new. Like people, different animals have different tastes.
Don’t let your livestock become high maintenance by dictating what tools you can and can’t use.

One really easy and free way to work around this is to wet your feed. Adding ¼-1/2 cup of water per
pound of feed can be a game changer. This amount makes the feed wet and sticky, allowing you to hide
many dietary tools in your show animals diets.

Pro tip: If you are doing this to add powdered supplements, add the water first, then mix, then
add the supplement, then mix again. If you are using pelleted supplements add the supplement first,
add the water, then mix. The purpose for the difference is to ensure your desired product is evenly
distributed and does not differ in texture from the rest of the diet.