Lambing / Kidding can be a dirty, chaotic mess when your group of AI bred ewes all lambs at once. Hell, if you only have 1 female giving birth it can be a mess. One key to keeping everyone healthy is hygiene. By everyone, we mean the mother, her lambs / kids and yourself. One simple tool we have found very helpful in the barn is a spray bottle of alcohol. We picked this up from watching AI tech’s prep ewes for Lap AI. It’s a quick and simple way to clean equipment, tools, and even your hands. Though it only sterilizes the surface of things, its one more tool in keeping everyone healthy. I also spray alcohol after I scrub out my milk machine (raising bummers), as one last line of insurance to minimize bacterial growth in the machine. We have also found it’s a fast way to dry hands when your trying to put on latex gloves. A quick spray and about 30 seconds and your hands are dry, allowing gloves to go on easy.

Not rocket science nor earth shattering… it’s the small things that often become the big things.