The Money Ball approach to Breeding Season

The goal for most livestock producers is to breed towards the goal of producing great ones. Yearly, Producers spend money on studs, synchronizing, breeding, AI, and embryo transfer programs. The majority of these costs are incurred to enable the producer to advance their breeding program, through the inclusion of cutting edge genetics.
The book: “Moneyball: The art of winning at an Unfair game” seems the perfect descriptor for breeding livestock. The actual topic of the book is about how winning championships has little to actually do with having the hottest players in the game on your team. However, its more about improving the daily results produced by each member of the team, creating the greatest likely hood of winning games… and subsequently the championship. In livestock breeding… your stud buck is that “Hottest Player” and your plan may be to have him produce the next great one… but the daily results consist of getting your ewes pregnant. Hitting the grand slam by having the grand at OYE makes a big splash, but if you want to increase your odds of having the next great one.. increasing the conception rate and fertility of your team is the most cost effective way of doing so.
Often times, the cost of breeding to the top studs in the business can cost in excess of $300 per dose of semen. At prices like these, it is easy to have the average pregnancy cost more than $600 just in variable costs per pregnancy. This doesn’t include the cost of feeding and housing the ewe and the subsequent lambs once they hit the ground.
How did we get to $600 per pregnancy so quickly? Great Question! With $300 for semen and the AI tech, $5 for the PG and $7 for the CIDR, we come to $312 to service the ewe. If we assume a 50% conception rate, then the average conceived pregnancy cost $624…. Sadly… some of these prices are on the lower end for costs. It’s very easy to get much higher.
At Rule Supplements, we have developed products that are designed to work by being applied to good programs, to improve your conception rate. We have said since day one… our products need to work to improve good results towards great results, being part of a program, and do so in a profitable way.
From the outside in, why would anyone add costs to an already expensive breeding program. The reason is simple… we are playing the odds. If we help you improve your conception rate from 50% to 60% we can lower the cost per pregnancy from $624 to $520, saving you $104 dollars per pregnancy, or a net of $56 per pregnancy. The other way we help is by increasing lambing percentage…. The math works out the same way. You can use “Moneyball” Calculator, included on our website to calculate the opportunity of Baby Boom in your program.
The best part of this approach is simple…. Baby Boom works to improve conception rate and lambing percentage. As either (or both) improve… so do the odds of you producing that next great one… simply by producing more lambs and more pregnancies. Our customers have seen these results and are realizing the value of Baby Boom as part of their program.

Money Ball: The art of winning at an Unfair game