About Rule Supplements

Tyson & Amber Rule

Tyson and Amber along with their family own and operate Rule Sheep Company. Their success in the show ring has few true competitors. The impact they have made in the club lamb circles, from the show ring to club lamb breeders can be felt across the nation. Originally, improvement in genetics came from the sale of Stud Rams and Donor Ewes, followed by Artificial Insemination and Embryo transfer. The constant pursuit of the best genetics and methods have enabled every one of their customers to tap into the depth of the genetics found at Rule Sheep Company.

The concept of Rule Supplements was developed when the Rule’s eldest daughter, Madison, was still competing with lambs at a National level.  They started out by customizing products with their animal nutritionist and good friend Jed Asmus, CA. to fit their sheep’s needs. Soon after those custom products developed into what is now RULE SUPPLEMENTS. The Rule’s have personally used the products they offer as part of their feeding regime, and have achieved great success across the country. They know and understand firsthand that  #RESULTS MATTER


Meet the Team!

Tyson Rule



Amber Rule
Marketing and Sale Manager
Blaine Rodgers
National Sales Director
Ashley Bultman
Office Manager
Rachel Engel
Marketing Project Manager



Nick Warntjes
Sale Rep