1. Do you want higher conception rates? Define your goals.

2. Feed Rule Supplements to enhance your herds’ fertility.

3. Measure your results

Does breeding season cause you unnecessary stress?

  • Your ewes aren’t reaching maximum ovaultion?
  • Your bucks go sterile?
  • You spend too much money on AI/Flushing to deal with poor conception?
  • Doesn’t your flock deserve to have maximum breeding efficiency?
  • You can’t prevent the harsh weather, but you can Minimize its effects on your bucks and females…
  • Why wouldn’t you use every tool you can to increase breeding numbers?

Results matter…We are here to help

As animal nutritionists, we make sure that every product we put out is backed by science. Not foo foo powder, which is what one of our customer’s thought we were making…
We gave one of the neighbor’s about 10 oz. of The Formula to feed to their pigs who wouldn’t eat. Tom thought it was just another fluff product that wouldn’t do anything. Until 3 days later his pigs went from free feeding to running out by noon.

How it works

Our products are used as a top dress to your current feed program.
Macho Man is a high Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acid product, which is the building block for Testosterone
Baby Boom is fortified with Vitamin A, D, and E, Beta Carotene, Octoncenal, Selenium and Organic Zinc, to improve the reproductive systems and maximize the immune status of your females.
The Formula contains a proprietary blend of microbial products, including a blend of live yeast and yeast culture, and nutrients designed to enhance the innate microbial populations found in all livestock.